Theme Selected for 2014: Shaping the Unseen

What moves us, what shakes us, and what invites us to action is often a private journey that can lead to a very public reaction. That which others cannot see- our hopes, dreams, fears, ambition, trepidation, joy- remains ever present, moving us in a direction of our choosing. 

The inaugural TEDxLizardCreek theme chooses to honor the imagery and workings of Lake Gaston. The composition of a lake bed significantly impacts the life that is able to thrive in that area. A lake’s depth and contour lines contribute to the characteristics of its currents. The ripples we notice on the surface of the water are results of that which we cannot always see. The 2014 TEDxLizardCreek “Shaping the Unseen” will look at the lake bed of our community and of ourselves, reflecting on the stories and ideas that have impacted and continue to shape us.

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