2017 TEDxLizardCreek Theme Announced

Shaping the Unseen: Bridges

Our theme is “Shaping the Unseen: Bridges” What moves us, what shakes us, and what invites us to action is often a private journey that can lead to a very public reaction. That which others cannot see – our hopes, dreams, fears, ambition, trepidation, joy – remains ever present, moving us in a direction of our choosing. In the current world of polarized points of view and divided perspectives on life and the world, we would like to emphasize talks describing innovative bridges. Previously unseen bridges between dissimilar technologies, bridges with the past, bridges between people or groups of people, bridges leading to new opportunities are all candidates for “ideas worth spreading.”



2017 Application Letter Now Available

The 2017 Application Letter for TEDxLizardCreek is now available. If after you review this information, and you feel that you would like to be part of TEDxLizardCreek, we ask you to email tedxlizardcreek@gmail.com and state your interest.  A TEDxLizardCreek selection committee will then review all interested speakers information. Please submit your information as soon as you can, but by July 1, 2017 at the latest. Speakers will be announced by August 1.