2015 TEDxLizardCreek Sponsors

TEDxLizardCreek sponsors
Lake Gaston Lions Club
Lizard Brain Solutions
The Pritchards
Lake Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce
PhytoChem Pharmaceuticals Inc.
The Center for Energy Education
Watersview Restaurant
Earl Britt
The Daily Herald
Trent Dikeman
Juel Duke
Bill & Suzie Goertemiller
Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer
Andrea Nash



If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for TEDxLizardCreek, please contact the team at tedxlizardcreek@gmail.com. Sponsorship package details can be viewed in the TEDxLizardCreek Sponsor Agreement Template 2015 (PDF) or TEDxLizardCreek Sponsor Agreement Word document. To review the guidelines for sponsors as outlined by TED, visit TED.com.


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